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                        My animation and direction work spans over 30 years and includes feature, commercial, television, industrial and interactive projects. Current projects include an independent film and concept development/character design for network TV and other character design based projects.

                Participated/contributed to projects that won over 50 national and international awards for animation, direction and design excellence which include: Addy's, regional and national Emmy nominations and public service awards. Most recent: responsible for conceptual design and direction of the “Create a Character” segment in the Disney's Magic Artist software - awarded “Best Children's  Software and “Most Creative Software” in France (1998); also nominated for a Cody award  for “Best Software” (from 1998 until 2002) and won the Cody for Most Creative Software (1998) in the United States.  The software also won a a BAFTRA award in 2002 for Best Children's Software.

In the educational arena, my teaching/mentoring has been recognized by WHO's WHO AMONG AMERICAN TEACHERS four times (2002-2005). This is my third category for WHO's WHO which includes Animation/Film and Graphic Design.

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena,California BFA FILM - Studied with Chuck Jones, Ward Kimball, Ben Washam, and Tex Avery.

• • • President, Island Animation. An animation company which focuses on character design and project development. (June 2002 to present)

• • • President, Island Animation. An animation company which focuses on character design and project development. (June 2002 to present)

• • • Creator of Ty. B. Bear. Character design and development for merchandising, films, books and print .
• • • Good Sports Gang . Preliminary character designs for five DVD projects involving St. Louis Rams, 2 time NFL MVP quarterback, Kurt Warner.
• • • Creator/Designer of a unique Internet educational initiative LARRY'S TOON INSTITUTE; which offers lessons in animation and character design as a worldwide animation resource for students, teachers, schools and professionals have linked to  it - including the AMAZING KIDS, ABOUT.COM , THE EDUCATIONAL PORTAL and HOW'S THAT WORK web sites.  The TOON INSTUTUTE has also been translated into Spanish. The site is an intregal element of Animation World Network ( ) for over seven years.
• • •   Illustrations from the TOON INSTITUTE's animation lessons and other sketches are featured on most pages in the best selling new book, A GUIDE TO COMPUTER ANIMATION for TV, games, multimedia and the web by Marcia Kuperberg. (Focal Press)
• • • Moderator of AWN's most popular daily animation forum, THE ANIMATION CAFE. This forum discusses “everything animation”.
• • • Moderator of AWN'S ANIMATION CONTESTS forum. a forum dedicated to show casing  entries to AWN's character design contests. Each contest is judged by myself and other industry professionals.
• • • Host OF AWN's and CREATIVE PLANET's most popular daily animation forum, ANIMATION TOOLS AND TECHNIQUE. This lively forum discussed animated films, shared educational advice and explored the tools and techniques available to the animation industry.
• • • Contributor to AWN's weekly electronic animation magazine. Past articles include:


                HOW TO CREATE A PORTFOLIO (a conversation with FRANK GLADSTONE, head of artist development, Dreamworks FeTURE Animation, SKG.)

                A CONVERSATION WITH GARY GOLDMAN (award - winning feature film director)

                A CONVERSATION WITH THE NEW DON BLUTH (award - winning feature film director).
                Excerpts from this article are published in the new MASTERS OF ANIMATION BOOK.
• • • For  3 1/2 years, I served as Program Manager for Animation at the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida. In this capacity, I administered for as many as 15 full-time and part-time employees, oversaw the build-out, design and operation off our animation studios. Developed and implemented the the design of 18 separate instructional programs (including customized materials) and taught an average of 12 hours a week in our studios. Further areas of responsibility included: animation production, direction,  character design, concepts, lead animation and mentoring staff on Disney Institute Projects. Management responsibilities included: the professional development of the staff, development and implementation of the department's yearly budget; partnering with the senior management team, operations and marketing to develop business strategies.
• • • During those three plus years at the Disney Institute, I coordinated, hosted a number of evening animation presentations featuring  such special guestsas:  Ward Kimball, Marc Davis, June Foray, John Canemaker, Faith and Emily Hubley, Bill Plympton, Mark Henn, Tony Bancroft, Barry Cooke,  Jim Korkis, Dave Pruksma, June Fugimoto, Dean Gordon, Dean DiBois, Mike Hunphries, Scott McQueen and others.
• • • Appearances in animation programs have included:
                Roy Disney, Bill Justice, Steve Segal and Betty Edwards.
• • • In September 1998, I  created,  and helped develop and served as Event Director for the Disney Institute's first animation special event: the MULAN Animation Experience, a two weekend immersion package celebrating the release of MULAN, Disney's 36th animated feature film. The event showcased the top talent from Walt Disney Feature Animation and the Disney Institute Animation staff.
• • • Prior to working for the Walt Disney Company, I was coordinator and instructor of the Classical Animation Course at Senior College Ballyfermot, Dublin,  Ireland. Responsibilities included the management of the programs and facilities, as well as curriculum development. The success of the graduates currently working in the Animation Industry world-wide attests to the strength of the Ballyfermot program; at the time of my tenure there it was rated as one of the top three animation programs in the world.boasting 100 % employment of all graduates during my tenure. My position as coordinator, required specific involvement in the design of:

        The 1 year Animation Drawing Studies Foundation Course

        The 2 year Clay and 3d Animation Course

        The 2 year CGI (Computer Animation) Course

        The 2 year Multimedia and Interactive Games Course

        The 3 year Diploma in Classical Animation Course

• • • During my time in Dublin, I created and was instrumental in the  implementation of a pilot "cross border" educational initiative, overseen  by the Northern Ireland Film Council. The "Animagic" Project is widely perceived as an important benchmark program for future North/South educational initiatives.
• • • Professor of Animation, Savannah College of Art and Design. Savannah, Georgia (September 2001 to June 2006).
• • • Visiting Instructor, International Filmschule in Cologne, workshops in character design, animation, color keys (2001-5)
• • • Professor of Animation, International Academy of Design and Technology, Tampa, Florida. (2000)
• • • Artist-in Residence, Savannah College of Art and  Design Winter/Spring terms 1999. STUDENT COUNCIL Leadership Award for ADVISOR OF THE YEAR.
• • • Consulting Animation Instructor -- Animation Programs, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia, USA. (1996 - 1999)
• • • Program Manager / Animation Instructor -- Animation Programs, The Disney Institute, Orlando, Florida, USA. (June 1995 - Oct.1998)
• • • Coordinator / Animation Instructor -- Classical Animation Programs, Senior College Ballyfermot, Dublin, Ireland (1991 - 1995)
• • • Coordinator / Director / Animation Instructor --  Animagic Animation Project (1994 - 1995)
• • •  Coordinator /Animation Instructor -- Disney Animation Program, Dun Loaghaire College of Art and Design, Dun Loaghaire, Ireland (1990)
• • • Director/Creator / Animation Instructor -- "The Animation Corps", Capital Children's Museum, Washington, DC . (1985-89)
• • • Animation Instructor -- American Film Institute, Washington, DC. (1982)
• • • Animation Instructor -- Corcoran School of Art, Washington, DC. (1981)
• • • Instructor/ Assistant Instructor to Chuck Jones - Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California. (1978)
Character Designs/ Development / Projects
• • • TY B. BEAR AND THE FOAM PEOPLE, children's book published in November 2005
• • • TY B. BEAR'S COLORING BOOK, published December 2005
• • • ART, YARN AND VERSE, a book by Finn MacEoin of illustrations, poems and short stories (coordination and illustration).
• • • SQUASH McSTRETCH - A Disney character used at the Disney Institute for animation, merchandising (jackets, maquette, pins and animation cels. (1996)
• • • TY B. BEAR - local Savannah Character showcased in magazines and stories, artwork, greeting cards, T- shirts, bumper stickers, advertising and books since the summer 2003.
• • •  HENRI, the French art student. -  main character design, OUR WORLD film.. (2001-2005) and CROSSING THE LINE (in production).
• • •  SAVANNAH BAGEL COMPANY -  character bagels design. (2002)
• • •  BULLETHEAD - Washington D.C. ‘s NBA teams mascot- appeared in laser disc short at basketball games. (1887-88)
• • • TONY'S ITALIAN DELI - Development for a TV show. (2002-3)
• • • XEMO AND BLIP - Development for a TV show.(2002-3)
• • • ABBY EINSTEIN - Development for a TV show. (2002-3)
• • •  GOOD SPORTS GANG - Character designs for a children's video release. (2002)
• • • SHEPHERD AND THE STAR - Animated Christmas special (in development). Concept, Character and story character design. (2000- present)
• • • THE GOOGLES - TV show development  and character designs for NBC. (1987)
• • •  Anna - character design for the Disney Institute's UNICEF  “Rights of the  Child” animated 30 sec. PSA. (1998)
• • • JOEY - character design for the ANIMAGIC ,cross- border film project. (1994-5)
• • •  STANDARD STAN, the couch potato man, character designs for a TV pilot for Channel 13 and Jonathan Doctor in New York. (1989)
• • • PETROUSHKA - Animated TV special and feature film project with producer, Tony Ames. Initially in development, we worked with actor, Dudley  Moore and  then Emmy award  winning actor Jean Stapleton. The project was awarded a Washington, D.C.  Commission for the Arts grant. (1985-89)
• • • JEREMY CREEK - Character design and development for Jeff Davis Productions of a 30 minute holiday special to be narrated by Garrison Keeler. (1988)
• • • "End of the World, with Symposium to Follow", by Arthur Kopit, directed by Harold Prince.  (Broadway Play) designed logo for play. (1984)
Direction and Animation Work (partial listing)  
• • • “OUR WORLD”, produced in cooperation with the Internationale FilmSchule and the Toon Institute - concept, direction, animation. (11 minutes, 2005)
• • •  “INDIAN RAP”,  animation consultant to the Toon Factory, Belfast, Northern Ireland. (3D animation, 2006)
• • • "Animagic" , a Northern Ireland/ Southern Ireland cross-boarder project - Director/Animator. Northern Ireland Film Council. (15 minutes, 1994-5)
• • • "Tune into Kids." Disney Institute opening for UNICEF Child's Rights project.  (1997) Director/ Producer. Disney Institute.
• • • "The Rights of the Child to an Opinion." UNICEF.  Producer / Animator.Disney Institute. (1998)
• • •  “A Christmas Story”. T.V. Special. Animation. Baden-Baden Studio, Germany. (1994)
• • • DisneyQuest. Animation Station. Curriculum design. The Walt Disney Company. (1997)
• • • "Squash McStretch." Character design and animation. The Disney Institute Character, The Walt Disney Company. (1996-98)
• • • "Bouncing Dive," DI-TV. Animated logo. Director /Animator. (1998)
• • • "All the Stars" series of promotional commercials for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Director/Animator (1981)
• • • Series of films for Security Pacific Bank, California. (1977) Designer/Animator
• • • "Star Trek: The Motion Picture." Designed, directed, and control panel sequences on the ENTERPRISE.(1978)
• • • "End of the World, with Symposium to Follow", by Arthur Kopit, directed by Harold Prince.  (Broadway Play) designed logo for play. (1984)
• • • "Beautiful Babies":  WRC and NBC public service campaign. Director/Animator - Toth Award winner, Regional Emmy and National Emmy Nominations and awards (over 40 awards nationwide). (1986)
• • • "Quincy Quickpick." Series of four commercials for Jam Advertising.  Director/Animator (1988)
• • • "Bullethead." Washington Bullets telescreen -- Showcased on WJLA, ESPN's Sports Center, and two “NBA Today” programs  Director/Animator (animation package 1986, 1987, 1988).
• • • "Bird and Worm." Designed logo and bumpers for over 400 Showcase/Circle and AMC Theaters nationwide. Director/Animator (1982)
• • • On-air logo for WBOX, Salisbury, MD. Director/Animator (1988)
• • • "History": Mobile Oil, Annual Meeting Films. Director/Animator (1982)
• • • "Ruppert's Olympic Feet." Special Selection Olympic Animation Festival, Showcased on HBO, and "On" cable TV networks. Director/Animator (1984)
• • • Flowers' Bakery opening for Monthly National Corporate News -- Addy Award for Best Animation, Southeast U.S. including Florida & Caribbean Region. Director/Animator (1988)
• • • "Standard Stan." National health club TV pilot for Channel 13 and Jonathan Doctor Productions in New York. Director/ Animator (1988)
• • • "Eyes to the Top." Marriott Corporation corporate conference opening.  Director/Animator (1987)
Television and Radio and Public Appearances  
                CNN News , CNN LIVE “ADULT EDUCATION”
                ESPN  (SPORTS CENTER, NBA TODAY {twice})
                HBO  (RUPERT'S OLYMPIC FEET aired)
                GOOD MORNING AMERICA  (taught Joan London animation)
                CBS Morning, InsideOut
                RTE Ireland
                RTE2 Ireland
                WJLA , WNBC, WTTG (Washington D.C.)
                WRC  Chicago (interviewed 3 times)
                Disney TV - teaching animation lunch segments
                (reaching approx. 75 million viewers)
                The Disney Institute
                LEAF (London Effects and Animation Festival (twice)
                Savannah International Film and Video Festival
                Disneyanna Convention 1995 and 1996
                International Museum of Cartoon Art
                Columbus Museum of Fine Art
                St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art
                Savannah College of Art and Design
                CineMagic Festival in Belfast in Northern Ireland (twice)
                Cinemagic Festival in Derry in Northern Ireland
                Dublin Junior Film Festival in Dublin, Ireland (twice)
                Public Animator # 1
Professional Associations  (present and past)  
• • • UNICEF Child's rights project
• • • UNICEF's Tune into Kids project.
• • • Disney Interactive "Magic Artist" software design - Los Angeles.  (1998)
• • • Walt Disney Imagineering - "Disney Academy" curriculum design - Los Angeles.
• • • Walt Disney Imagineering - "DisneyQuest" animation consultant curriculum design- Los Angeles/Orlando.
• • • Cinemagic International Children's Festival - Belfast
• • • Cinemagic Animation Workshops - Belfast and Derry
• • • Irish Film Board - Advisor for Project Development - Dublin, Ireland
• • • European School of Animation - Advisor / assessor - Dublin, Ireland
• • • Bondy Entertainment - Technology Advisor, Hamburg, Germany
• • • Revolution Software - Animation Advisor, York, England
• • • Savannah College of Art and Design, Curriculum Advisor, Savannah, GA.
• • • St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario - Computer Animation Curriculum Design (one year  and three year programs)
• • • Dublin Business Innovation Center - Animation Advisor, Dublin
• • • Dublin Film Festival
• • • Junior Dublin Film Festival
• • • Cartoon Ireland - Media Programme Advisor
• • • Cartoon Ireland - Chairperson, Education Committee
• • • Co-founder / President (8 years) ASIFA Washington, DC. (local chapter of the International Animated Film Society)Workshops
• • • Internationale FilmSchule, Cologne 2001-2005 (9 workshops covering character design, advanced animation, and effects animation)
• • •  SIGGRAPH 2004, Los Angeles, “ACTING AND DRAWING FOR ANIMATION” , a 4 hour drawing and dramatic movement workshop
• • • London Effects and Animation Festival (2000, 2002)
• • • Dublin Film Festival
• • • Junior Dublin Film Festival
• • • Collins College, Phoenix , Az. (Nov. 00 and Mar. 01)
• • • Brooks College, Piscataway, NJ.
• • • Gibbs College, Long Island, NY
• • • Gibbs College, Montclair, NJ.
• • • International Academy of Design and Tech. Tampa (four workshops  in 00, 01)
• • • International Academy of Design and Tech. Orlando (two workshops in 01)
• • • Lewis and Clark College, Alton, IL.
• • • Principia College, Ilsah, Illinois

                References furnished upon request.